• 12                 oz butter
  • 2                  tbsp viriyari(fennel seeds)
  • 6                  oz desiccated coconut
  • 2                  oz golden sultanas(optional)
  • 1 lb              cracked wheat
  • 1/2               lb jaggery(Goor)
  • 1                  lb sugar
  • 4                  cups water
  • 1                  can(375ml) coconut milk
  • 1/4               tsp nutmeg powder
  • 1/2               tsp cardamom powder
  •                     Few strands saffron
  •                     Few drops orange food colour or saffron water(optional)

For decoration

  • 2                  oz almonds
  • 2                  oz pistachio


  1. In a large saucepan melt the butter, add viriyari, and cracked wheat. Fry this for about 10 minutes stirring often(the cracked wheat will change color to golden).  Add desiccated coconut and sultanas.
  2. In a small saucepan add the jaggeryand half a cup of water, bring to a boil and the jaggery has melted.  
  3. Mix the food colouring or saffron water with coconut Milk and add this to the wheat, add the jaggery water and mix well.  
  4. Add the 4 cups water, mix well, and bring it to a boil.  lower the temperature to med(mark 4), cover and let it simmer for 1/2 hr stirring a few times, till most of the liquid has evaporated.
  5. Add the sugar and mix well.
  6. Put the saucepan in a preheated 300 degree oven for 1 hour. The Lapsi will have absorbed all the liquid and doubled in volume.
  7. Decorate with almonds and pistachio before serving.

Serve it with papadum and/or Kebab or Samosa.


  1. Melt the butter, add viriyari, desiccated coconut, and sultans and fry it for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile melt the jaggery and sugar in in 2 cups of water.
  3. Mix the saffron water or food colouring with coconut milk.  Add this to the fried wheat.  Add the rest of the ingredients and cook on high pressure for 40 minutes.

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