Zahida’s Wedding

I was in Basingstoke, England from April 15 to May 16.  I had gone for my niece’s wedding which was from May 3 to May 5th  The wedding was in their backyard.  They had a big  Marque put in for the occasion.

A lot of the food was made at home.  During the week of the15th, we made

Almond pak
Topra Pak

My sister and her friend had already made the Wedding cake.  It was a 4 tier cake,  3 tiers were fruit cake with Gum Paste flowers and the top one was chocolate cake, which was made the day before the wedding.  They made beautiful bunches of Lily of the Valley and Peonies.  .














Saturday April 27th

Today was the Hen Party. We met in London and had breakfast at their apartment:

Fruit platter
Cheese and Crackers

In the afternoon we went for Afternoon Tea at The Bentley In London.



Assortment of sandwiches 
Scones, clotted cream and jam,
Lemon Cheese Cakes, Raspberry Mousse and Danish Pastry.

Sunday, the week before the wedding, we had

Moroccan Lamb and Rice
Banana Cake and Ice Cream


 On Friday May the 3rd, official wedding ceremony was in Reading (at the Town Hall).  After the ceremony we had an Afternoon Tea in the Marquee, where family and friends had pitched in to prepare goodies.   The sandwiches were  catered 


Friday night Mandavo and Mehindi Night

Friday we started at 6.00 pm with cocktails and appies.  Some of the Mandavo ceremonies were held at that time.

  • Mendhi(Henna) Lady was applying mehindi to who ever wanted it.
  • The menu was:.
  • Wada, Chicken Cutlass and Samosa
  • Lamb Biriyani
  • Fruit Salad

food pictures downloaded jan 17-12 055

Daal Bhajiya


 Lamb Biriyani

Veal Biriyani








 Sunday for the reception, the food was catered by Sapna Caterers.
The Wedding was at 12.00 and Sherbat was served after the Ceremony.
There was a band playing music in the garden during the Champagne Reception.


Champagne Reception










Fish Pakora
Seekh  kebab
Chicken TikkaPaneer Tikka
Mogo Chips
Mint Chutney
Tamarind Chutney


Champagne Bernard Lonclas Blanc de Blanc
Non-alcoholic Champagne
Selection of Juices


Papri Chat


Chicken Coriander
Barbecued Lamb Chops
Bhinda(Okra)  Benarasi
Bombay Aloo
Tarka Dhal
Mango Salsa


Mango Mousse Cheese Cake


Selection of Cheese & Biscuits
Assortment of Indian Sweets
Wedding Cake 

Coconut Barfi








Tea and Coffee


2010 Rasteau, Domaine la Soumade
2010 Escudo Rojo Wine
Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Maipo Valley, Chili


We had a family Lunch on Monday.  It was a very casual Garden Party that went into the evening. Lamb was put on the spit at 9.00 am and it took 4 hours to cook.  This was served with roast potatoes, salads and Greek Rice.  It was a beautiful warm  day so we set in the garden  and relaxed.  Around 8.00pm sandwiches were made with the left over meat and salad and served to everyone.

Lamb on a Spit
Roast Potatoes
Greek Rice                                      
Ice Cream





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