Khalil’s Wedding

The wedding took place from October 8 – 12.
We had a family dinner on Wednesday and had a couple of ceremonies on that day.
Mehindi Party was one of them.
The younger members of the family filled the Gari.

The guests were served Sherbat and appitizers.

Ambli Chutney Ambli Chutney Pakora, Dokari Batata WadaMango Sherbat Mango Sherbat


Pasta Salad Pasta SaladSpinach salad Spinach salad

Nan Khatia
Cream Caramel
The Pithi was done after Dinner.  
The Pithi:
A paste made out of chickpea flour, turmeric, sandalwood powder, herbs, aromatic oils, rose water and other ingredients. The pithi ceremony is a joyful, playful and fun occasion in which family members and friends bless the couple with well wishes by rubbing the pithi paste onto the bride and groom’s arms, neck, face, hands and legs. The paste is believed to be an excellent cleanser for providing skin glow, soft skin and shine. They may also perform the ponkwa ceremony.

Thursday the Mandavo was at in Riverside Hall.

It started with the Puro ceremony and then we had the pankhaw ceremony where the groom’s family give the bride her gift. Meanwhile the appitizers were served.


Shish Kebab

Butter Chicken

Lamb Palak
There was entertainment, music and dancing. We all enjoyed ourselves.
Saturday was the wedding at Lions gate Jamat Khana.
Nikkah ceremony took place and then the exchange of rings. We had a mixed culture here. In the Greek culture the groom sends the ring to the bride’s family for their approval of the ring and vice versa.
In the French culture they offer French Almond candies, almonds for their bitterness and candy for its sweetness, representing life’s bitterness and sweetness.
Lunch was served:-

  Spinach, Potato and Paneer Roll

Hariyali. Chicken

Goat Curry
Shahi Kebab in Cream Sauce












IMG_1587.JPG IMG_1585.JPG IMG_1588.JPG

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