dinner Party

I had an aunt visiting from Toronto and I had a dinner for her. I had made a few of my mums specialties which we all loved when we were growing up – Carrot Halwa, Mutton Kaliyo and French bread, and Zerdalou pudding.

I had made:

  • Aloo Tiki and spicey Chana( chickpeas)
  • Undhiyo
  • Carrot Halwa
  • Mutton Kaliyo
  • French bread
  • Rice
  • Zerdalu(apricot) (Zardaloo is the Farsi name for the Dried Hunza apricot )
Carrot HalwaAlo Tiki
Carrot Halwa                                                                           Alo Tikki and spicy chana
Undhiyo Kaliyo
Undhiyo                                                                                     Mutton Kaliyo
Apricot pudding






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