Coffee Party

We have all been celebrating Christmas this month  and we will be celebrating more next week too.  I will be posting some appetizers  and desserts for you to make and take it with you to your parties.

Tonight I have a coffee party and I will make Chicken Pies.  These pies are so popular in my family.  I have made thousands of them over the years and I have sold thousands too.  You can make them and freeze them baked or unbaked and use them as needed.  It is a good lunch to take to school, after school snack for kids, pies and salad for a light lunch or afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

I am making Chatako.  This is an Indian Vegetarian dish.  You will find different versions of it and it is also known by different names.  I use Advi na Bhajia (Patra), some people make pakoras and use that instead.  If you have leftover pakoras you can use that and get a completely different dish.  Chatako can be used as an appetizer, mid afternoon snack or a light lunch.  I got this from Noorbanu Nimji’s recipe book and modified it a little.  You can buy Patra from Indian grocery stores; you can buy it frozen or canned.  If you are using frozen follow the  cooking instructions on the package to cook.

I will also make Masala Mogo (cassava).  This is fried mogo (cassava) and then added to a rich tomato based masala served with Ambli (Tamarind Sauce). 

Tamarind sauce is very popular for Indian snacks.

For dessert I will make Carrot Ginger Layer Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting.  This cake is very tasty. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart’s website.  She had once demonstrated the cake on her TV show.

I also have a platter of Cookies and Fruit Cake.

Chicken Pies

Chicken Pies Chatako_thumbmogo masala


Ginger Carrot Cake

Cookie Tray

Fruit Cake


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