Class of ’69 Dinner

Two of my classmates were visiting from out of town so a bunch of us got together at my place.  I made a Watermelon Cocktail, Chicken Pies and a friend brought Batata Wada for starters. 

We had Mango Salad, Lapsi, Papadum, Undhiyo, Persian Chicken, French Bread, and Rice for Entree.  For dessert we Had Cream Caramel, Fresh Fruit and my friends had brought Cake, Nankhatia, Jugu Pak.

                                                                                        Water Melon  Cocktai

Water Melon Cocktail 1

                  Chicken Pies                                                                         Batata Vada

Batat 1a WadaChicken Pies






   Mango SaladMango Salad

                                                      Papadum                                          Lapsi      








  undhiyo                                                             caramel

                                                                       Cream Caramel

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